change management


Whatever stage of change your organisation is at, we are able to work alongside your team to keep the change momentum going. Sometimes you don’t know where to start, or you need help turning a strategy into actions, or you need to get a program or project back on the governance rails. And sometimes you just need to sense-check what you are doing because it’s all moving so fast.

strategic communications


Creating a strategy and associated messaging, cross-sectioning and profiling your audience, devising a strategic, integrated and measurable communications plan – this says it all.

engaging people


At Pier Advisory, we prefer to talk about ‘engaging people’ when we talk about the world of client relationship management, stakeholder engagement and employee strategies. This is because whether you are talking about a client, a worker, a cooperation partner, an industry group or a government body – they are all made up of people who you rely upon to succeed in what you do. Taking the people element out of the equation is to fundamentally misunderstand their drivers, needs, pressure points and expectations of you and your organisation.

cross-border strategies


Through our people having over 15 years of international project experience, we know the people you need to know. Whether it be research, sector contacts, market analysis, cultural awareness or potential affiliations or partners, Pier Advisory has access to a worldwide network of specialist, experienced resources ready to work for you.